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Gold mining, product trading, and expert mineral guidance services in Uganda.

Join us in Uganda’s thriving gold industry, where we offer expert guidance on buying and selling gold. Tap into the vibrant gold mining sector, access high-quality gold bars, and enhance your investment strategy through the Gold Sales Department (GSD).

Our seamless transactions and expert insights ensure a golden opportunity for financial growth in Uganda’s booming gold market.

Our Services: Your number one Gold Dealer in Uganda

Gold Sales Department Uganda (GSD) is a legally recognized minerals trading company operating in Uganda, with its main headquarters in Kampala. Our services cover the full range of gold-related activities, including mining, extracting, purifying, purchasing, and distributing gold. Send us a WhatsApp message and we will discuss your next deal.

Gold Mining

Gold Mining

Join our skilled professionals and innovative techniques as they come together to drive the future of gold mining. Our mission is unwavering: to excel in gold extraction while prioritizing environmental responsibility. As part of GSD, you'll witness the convergence of expertise and technology that sets us apart as leaders in the industry.

Buying & Selling of Gold

Buying & Selling

Maximize the worth of your gold and other metals with GSD's reliable buying and selling services. We provide hassle-free transactions, competitive prices, and dependable appraisals. Our knowledgeable team handles both sales and purchases to guarantee a transparent and secure experience.

Mineral Consultancy

Mineral Consultancy

Our team of skilled geologists and industry experts offers customized services to optimize exploration, ensure responsible mineral extraction, and manage resources for your specific needs.

Transport & Exportation of Gold

Transport & Exportation

GSD Uganda guarantees the efficient, secure, and punctual delivery of your precious gold assets, offering an effortless solution for their global transportation.

Refining & Smelting

Refining & Smelting

Our state-of-the-art technology and experienced craftsmen guarantee exceptional gold processing, resulting in unparalleled purity and quality that sets us apart.

Why Choose us

When it comes to acquiring, investing in, or trading gold in Uganda, Gold Sales Department (GSD) is your trusted partner. Our impeccable integrity and expertise in the precious metals industry ensure a seamless experience for all your gold-related endeavors.

Crystal-clear transactions

Trust in the honesty and openness of our business practices.

Expert knowledge

Benefit from the insights and guidance of our seasoned professionals in the gold industry.

Exceptional service

Expect the highest level of assistance, tailored to your every need.

Comprehensive product line

Explore our wide selection of gold offerings, each meeting impeccable standards of quality and genuineness.

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